Reaching out from beyond the web…

One thing I’ve noticed is that employers will advertise available roles in their shop window, but there is no connection between that window notice and the details the employer has advertised online.

Why not bring them together?

Have the ad in the window point directly to the ad online. Keep all your applications in one place and deal with them when the time is right rather than when the applicant chooses to pop in. Genius!

This is also great for people applying for the job. How so? Let’s say you happen to notice an ad in a business window. Firstly, the shop may be shut, so you can’t just walk right in. Secondly, you may not have your CV with you, nor be dressed suitably for a good first impression. However, you see the ad is advertised on So you simply open a browser on your smartphone and locate the ad using the search keyword provided. If it all looks good, you can create your cover letter and attach the CV you have on file, all while STANDING IN FRONT OF THE SHOP! Brilliant!

Let’s not forget, your application is also enhanced by your professional profile (check out an example here).

To help bridge the gap between online and offline, we’re sending employers a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to put in their window. A good old fashioned DL sized notice. It’s a free service we’re including with all job ads. It is a bit of an experiment, so let us know what you think via a comment below.



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