Work On Brunswick Street


On Friday I took to Brunswick Street (Fitzroy VIC), not for lunch or an after work beverage (although that did happen), but to ask a number of traders what they think about an employment hub (or Talent Community) for our iconic street.

More specifically, what would they think of an exclusive, free space to advertise jobs available on Brunswick Street, and would they be interested in free access to promoted candidates?

Before I share the result, you may be thinking that these employers would be fine, they’d have CVs dropped off every day from people looking for work. And, in part, you’d be right. Some employers reported receiving as many as 10 CVs a day.

But here’s the thing, the process is massively inefficient and wastes time for both the candidate and the employer.

Professionals are walking the street all day without any certainty that there is going to be anything to show for it. Will their CV actually get in front of the person that matters? And if an opportunity does come up, how can they be sure that their CV is going to stand out from all others?

For employers, the process is pot luck. There is no certainty that the right person is going to come through the door when you need them. Plus there is the inevitable interruption to business. And when a good candidate does come in, what system is in place to ensure their details are easily found when the time is right?

Beyond these walk-ins, employers can advertise to free job boards, but the results there are sketchy. Paid options are better, but having to pay for ads is never a joy.

And this is Brunswick Street, Dammit!

Anywhere as popular, and as populated, as this should have a world class selection of candidates to tap into.

So what I proposed to employers is this; we’ll run an exclusive jobs community for Brunswick Street hospitality and retail traders. There will be no cost to advertise jobs, and they will have ongoing access to candidates.

PLUS, we will provide a preliminary screening of candidates to ensure that only those that are relevant are accepted into our community.

PLUS, any candidate actively looking for work can be promoted directly to the recruiting managers via email (no need for candidates to be trudging the streets).

So what did the employers think? Enthusiastic with a touch of hesitation – not uncommon when someone offers something for free (a wise man once said, ‘somewhere, someone has to pay’). But all traders relaxed when I gave more detail on our wider goal – to make this Talent Community a success and a proving ground for more financially rewarding communities in the future.

At the time of writing we are in the process of putting together the back end. Stay tuned for more progress on this all new service.

Dennis Hosking.


Reaching out from beyond the web…

One thing I’ve noticed is that employers will advertise available roles in their shop window, but there is no connection between that window notice and the details the employer has advertised online.

Why not bring them together?

Have the ad in the window point directly to the ad online. Keep all your applications in one place and deal with them when the time is right rather than when the applicant chooses to pop in. Genius!

This is also great for people applying for the job. How so? Let’s say you happen to notice an ad in a business window. Firstly, the shop may be shut, so you can’t just walk right in. Secondly, you may not have your CV with you, nor be dressed suitably for a good first impression. However, you see the ad is advertised on So you simply open a browser on your smartphone and locate the ad using the search keyword provided. If it all looks good, you can create your cover letter and attach the CV you have on file, all while STANDING IN FRONT OF THE SHOP! Brilliant!

Let’s not forget, your application is also enhanced by your professional profile (check out an example here).

To help bridge the gap between online and offline, we’re sending employers a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to put in their window. A good old fashioned DL sized notice. It’s a free service we’re including with all job ads. It is a bit of an experiment, so let us know what you think via a comment below.