A PhD in Awesomeness, from the School of Life

I happened to be chatting with a successful business owner the other day and I enquired as to his qualifications. He said he had a PhD in Awesomeness from the School of Life. Based on how things were going, it seemed legit.

Anyway, it made me think about how professionals make their certificates, degrees, etc. available for employers to view.

Way back when I taught aerobics (true story) I amassed a number of certs from different short courses (Reebok Slide anyone?). I couldn’t have attached them all to my CV, the file size would have been huge. So it meant lugging around a folder with all the different documents to back up the claims made in my CV.

It’s like living in the dark ages. BUT NO MORE!

Simply scan or take a pic of your relevant certifications and upload them to your PROFILE on Spruik.me. I’ve tested this with my degree (it’s not in Awesomeness – but it worked for testing purposes). I did reduce the file size to help with the initial upload speed. But once it’s up there it wouldn’t matter anyway.

While your CV and Cover Letter should always be tailored to suit the role, for those things that are not tailored – such as images, folios, certificates, degrees, etc – why not post them to your profile. They’re visible to employers and ensures your CV and Cover Letter remain the focus of your specific application.

Regards, D.