A Change in Our Approach

When we began Spruik.me, a big part of it was dedicated to helping connect RTO, TAFE and University students with industry opportunities. As is often the case with a new business, things don’t always go to plan. But in true entrepreneurial spirit, the obstacle has became the way.

We are now exploring the viability of extraordinary niche groups as different Talent Communities. At the time of writing we are building a community of Group Exercise Instructors with Marietta Mehanni and a community dedicated to new Personal Trainers – through our work with HealthyPeople we’ve come to realise that new PTs are a valuable subset of the Personal Training group, with specific needs and appeal to employers (they rarely have established bad habits).

The Brunswick Street Community we looked at was not an option. There were clear issues with getting professionals on board and I realised that a more valuable community for Brunswick Street would be one of Baristas alone (if you think you have the connections to make this one fly, please get in touch).

Pulling focus on a problem is also easier when you have a something to completely take your mind off it for a while.

The last few weeks have seen plenty of cerebral muscle flexed on our new venture, MyMembership.Cards. The distraction from Spruik.me has been like a holiday. 

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Regards, D.


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