Online and offline improvements.

Over the last few months there has been some big changes both online and offline.

Among the biggest of recent changes was the introduction of ajax for selecting suburbs in the search tool. In short, it means you can search for any suburb, and any nearby results (if nothing in the original suburb) will be returned. It also makes for fater page load times.

Another update includes a widget to filter all candidates from a particular school. What’s this mean? Well, anyone visiting the schools pages can drill down to relevant candidates in by area, industry and desired job type. Check out the example with the Australian Fitness Academy.

Not only can you drill down to the most relevant candidates from a school, our dev wizard has enabled the ability to distil your selection to those actively looking for a new role.

Candidates now receive an email whenever their CV has been downloaded. This is something we provide on the HealthyPeople site but had not yet implemented here. I think it’s a great thing to know when you’re on someone’s radar – it’s an opportunity to follow up and make the most of the new connection.

Speaking of emails, we’ve added the first name and location to emails about new promoted candidates to employers. We thought employers might appreciate a little extra information. In particular, location.

There’s also been a few bug fixes in there as well. We discovered that there were some misbehaving links, in particular with the downloading of docx CVs.

Offline, there’s been some big changes to our line up. We’ve added Michael Grogan to our office team and Matthew Worley has taken over as our CIO.

Regards, D.


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