It began with HealthyPeople. A brilliant (and very much operational) web site that changed the face of recruiting for the fitness industry.

In fact, our only option was to be exceptional. The fitness industry has claimed many recruiting scalps both before and since!

How did we do it? We provided professionals with the ability to promote themselves to employers. Employers did not have to be advertsing and we charged no placement fees. Just a low annual fee for ongoing access to candidates.

Spruik.me is the vehicle by which we are taking this service to all other industries.

At the time of writing, Spruik.me has gone extraordinarily over time and budget. I must remind myself, it’s not just a copy of HealthyPeople, it’s better in every way imaginable – and apparently that costs a lot more to build than anyone was able to anticipate.

This blog will provide some direction as to how to make the most of Spruik.me, whether you’re an employer, professional or RTO, TAFE, University. No doubt it will be peppered with observations and insights into the process of delivering such an innovative service.

Kind regards,

Dennis Hosking


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