Take a look at a sample profile


While all profiles are tucked safely away, visible only to those with access, we’ve set one up for you to see how things look. Try dragging in the sides of the window and see how it all collapses for tablet or phone view. Oh yeah, that’s right…

These profiles are only visible to employers who are financial, those advertising a  job for which the candidate has applied, or if the candidate is connected to a school that the employer is connected to.

So get on board, tell us what industry you’re interested in then head to your profile page, add some work history, add some images and video and let us know what your qualifications are.

When you’re done, if your looking for work, hit the PROMOTE ME button. We’ll check you out and if we like what we see, we’ll put you in front of all employers.

Regards, D.


One thought on “Take a look at a sample profile

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